Legacy itwêwina is the original version of itwêwina: Plains Cree Dictionary.  There is a newer version of itwêwina available here. This newest update to itwêwina does not yet have support for certain features such as full-length paradigms, click-in text functionality, and integration of our Indigenous Language Text Collection (Korp). We plan to add these feature to the newer version of itwêwina soon, but in the meantime, if you have need of these features, or if you are not yet comfortable with the newer update, you can still use Legacy itwêwina

If you have never tried this intelligent on-line Cree dictionary before,  try searching for e.g. nikî-itâw. For more detailed usage instructions of legacy itwêwina, please check out: itwêwina: guided tour via screenshots.

You can also search for genuine usage contexts using a word form or lemma in our  Indigenous Language Text Collection (Korp). Access to the Ahenakew-Wolfart texts requires an individual access code, which can be received upon a well-motivated request to us (altlab@ualberta.ca). For a detailed overview of (Korp) functionalities, see: Korp: guided tour via screenshots.